Lords of Death

by Temple Of Void

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    The long-awaited second album. Crushing production. Pushes the needle towards death. Heads will bang. But don't take our word for it...

    “An uncompromising record from the band that made one of the very best, if not THE best death/doom debut in last five years or so...Album-of-the-year material!”
    – Markus Makkonen (ex-Hooded Menace / Sadistik Forest)

    “’Catchy killer riffs and impressive vocals, world class death/doom. It is simple, buy or die.” – Adrie Kloosterwaard (Sinister)

    “... I would dare call this America’s finest contribution to this style in a long time. Truly exciting stuff! Masterful pacing, perfect riffs, I simply wouldn’t change a thing here, not a single note of Lords Of Death has gone without serious intent and consideration...”
    – Trevor Strnad (Black Dahlia Murder)

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The chant of the ghoul caller opens the crypts – Stone lids now shift and grind – Fetid air escapes – Fleshless fingers brace crumbling edges – To propel forth their bodies of rot – What purpose have they returned? – To what bidding do they serve? – Ravenous lust for flesh smothers the trace humanity that exists behind their blank, putrefying eyes – Plunder and devour the remnants of the dead – Murder and eat credulous living – Succumbed to the will of sorcery, – An unwavering mob of decay – Conscience holds no power to magic – Nothing can stop it – This wretched banquet – A morbid feast – Abhorrent undead forced to roam under the spell of necromancy
You sink slowly – As murk dissolves the luminance – As pressure builds – As flails reduce to flutter – Lungs fill with fluid – As breath stifles – As panic nictates into stillness – With each weakening, dying heartbeat, you grow closer to death – What ideas enter a dying man’s consciousness in those last moments of actuality? – When survival is futile, do you think of regret? – Do you beg for forgiveness to a god above? – An uncaring deity who let you suffer this fate? – Deeper – You’ve lost sense of direction – Do you struggle to hang on to those last few moments of animation? Where minutes dissect into seconds – Then seconds fraction themselves away into closing flickers of existence – The hourglass reduces to the falling of each individual grain, and the world around you is slowly engulfed in darkness... while you expire at the speed of thought
Beware the Aswang: – Shape-shifting demon of the Philippines – A nightly feeder on the unborn – Day-walking weaver of deceit – Amongst your peers is where the cleftless ghoul hides – Inverted reflection reveals a darkness that resides – Fallacious asura – Descendent of manananggal – Serpentine stealer of life, crawling from the bedside – Penetrating proboscis splitting vaginal wall – Slowly draining lifeforce – Siphoning the fetal skull – Puerile delicacy garnished in amniotic fluid – An unseen creature in hiding – Using the guise of fellow man – A friend, neighbor, or perhaps even relative – They socialize beside us – With an unspoken, malicious secret – Seek out the holy agimate – For the creature could be anyone – It could even be you
The Gift 04:03
Upon your doorstep sat a mortifying piece – Tightly packaged parcel – Wrapped neatly with care – Initially innocuous, but upon a closer glance: Wear and much depreciation, and lacking a return address? – “Who could have sent this?” – As you bring the box inside and tear away the moldy tape and twine the gift reveals its grisly image: A grotesque visage made of bone – A human skull – No explanation – But with features that are oddly familiar – You feel an eerie sense of dread – As you run your fingers along its calcified structure – Pulling open the jaws only to find the teeth match your own – Denial sets in – This cannot be – You’re still alive, within your home – Was this sent from the future? – Or just some morbid trick? – As you peer into the empty sockets you can only guess how long until it’s your turn to be the one on the inside looking out?
She lay silent – In her cold porcelain skin – Nothing could be done to save her – A love unrequited no longer – I felt her embrace – As her final exhale dissipated into the air when the blade dove in – I draw her lids closed with my fingertips – Her warm lips now frigid and lifeless – She shall sleep eternally as mine for eternity
Timeless, ageless lurking monster – Insidious, evil legend – Myth that haunts in the countryside luring lost wanderers ... Now victims – Stained with the mark of his feast – Another pale, lifeless body found: New flesh for the beast – Contorted faces found frozen in terror – Hunter – Liar – Stealer of blood – Vampire or beast?... No one ever lives to tell – A foreboding castle bears his name – Shadow-stained kingdom of horror – Screams resonate through the mist – Cold and limp or forever lost – Holy men left drained and dead – Others met worse fates – Life in servitude: Signed in blood – Eternally bound as his slaves


Hails to the following people, bands, zines, and maniacs:
Markus and Sadistik Forest, Hooded Menace, Adrie and Sinister, Ralf and Revel in Flesh, all our brothers in Cemetery Filth, Acid Witch (Camping Metal Punks!), Tombstalker, Tracey, Bubba and Her Dark Host, Kari and Solothus, Adam and Cardiac Arrest, Mike Bradley and Centenary, Steve, Enrique and Crypt Sermon, Abysme, Gary, Paul and Black Anvil, Fernando and Perversion, Derek and Isenblast, Mike and Tombs, Trevor Strnad and BDM, Tim SKR, Hell’s Headbangers, Gil Desoy and Cianeto Discos, Mark Rudolph, Kenny McNabb and Corpse Flower Records, Mark Coughlin and SHG, Robert and Rain Without End/Naturmacht records, Yuiry at Archaic Sound, Raul and Memento Mori, Bartuus and Till You Fukkin Bleed
(for the support from day one!), Konstantyn and Warhead Art, Paolo Girardi, Albert, Dutch, Chris and James at Decibel, Kat at Iron Fist, Compilation of Death zine, No Clean Singing, Planet Resistance Radio, Brad Wharton, Shane Merrill, Kathy Metalcakes, Blood of the Wolf fest, Mary and ShadowWoods fest, Paul Dunski and Metal Threat fest, Shawn & Veronica Knight and Berserker fest,...and all the ‘ed-bangers in Detroit and around the world for the support!

Cover Painting by Paolo Girardi
Cover Retouching by Clint Ford
Live Photos by Marie Awn, Chris Betea, Michael Derrick, & Ashley Taylor
Band Photos by Marie Awn
Logo, Design, Layout by Alex Awn
Special Thanks to Don Durr & Vinny


released May 1, 2017

Alex Awn - Guitars
Eric Blanchard - Guitars
Mike Erdody - Vocals
Jason Pearce - Drums
Brent Satterly - Bass


all rights reserved



Temple Of Void Detroit, Michigan

ToV is an uncompromising collaboration from the depths of Detroit. Comprising of musicians who have put in decades of time in the Detroit underground, ToV entered this world with singular focus and methodical execution from the start. ToV harkens back to the somber sound of early British doom, while channeling the energy and devastation of old school American death metal. ToV destroys all. ... more

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